5 simple hacks for a stress-free Christmas

Posted on 21st December 2018

It’s Christmas and that means the season of gift giving, dinner parties and decorating is here. The holidays can be quite daunting for some; worry not, we have comprised five simple hacks that will get you well on your sleigh to a stress-free Christmas.

Use recyclable wrapping paper

Did you know, the UK wasted approximately 180 million rolls of wrapping paper last year? The use of recyclable wrapping paper will help the environment and make disposal easier than ever. Just one example is kraft roll wrapping paper at Paperchase – it’s sure to look lovely and minimalist under your tree.

Getting rid of glitter

Everybody loves glitteruntil it is time to clean it up. For hard floors your vacuum’s crevice attachment will make quick work of getting rid of the sparkly stuff and if it’s stuck on your clothing or furniture get the lint roller out! If you’ve partied a little too hard and have glitter on your face, use a bit of coconut oil to remove all evidence.


Oh, Christmas tree…

There is nothing like having a real Christmas tree in your home, but needles and branches falling can be frustrating. To try to avoid this it’s always worth properly checking your tree before buying; if the needles come off easily when touched, the tree isn’t fresh and isn’t likely to last long.According to Oak Leaf Gardening, “The lighter the colour of the base the fresher the tree”, so choose wisely!


No dishwasher? No problem.

This year, instead of staying up late washing all the dishes, why not use recyclable paper plates? Not only do they help you stay stress-free, but they look lovely (your hands will thank you later).


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From all of us here at Venture, Merry Christmas!