Search for a property

Search for a Property

Already in rented? Relocating with work? Flying the nest and setting up your first place? 

Whatever your needs are, we’ll be able to help. From individual tenants to international companies, we have dealt with the lot so you can trust us to look after your property needs.

A charming cottage, a functional flat or a decadent detached, we've got rental properties across County Durham and we're confident we'll be able to find you your next home. Nothing on the market at the moment that you like? No problem. We'll keep you informed as soon as something new comes up that we think you'll be interested in.


Before you start

To save time later on, it is worthwhile thinking about what we as the letting agent will ask of you if you apply for a rental property. Check out your credit score online – it's surprising how many people we deal with have bad credit they know nothing about.

If you're employed, check if your contract is permanent, temporary or fixed term and whether or not you are still in a probationary period.

If you are self-employed, you’ll need an accountant’s reference or your own self-assessment.

If you are retired, you'll need to provide the last 3 months' of bank statements to show regular income coming into your account.

If you're on benefits, you'll need to provide a guarantor, as well as a breakdown of every benefit you receive and proof of this.

You'll also need to provide photo ID, proof of address and pass a Right to Rent check - even if you're a British citizen and you were born in the UK.

Next is the exciting part. The search is on. As well as searching on our website, call your local office either in Darlington, Chester-le-Street, Crook or Durham and register on their mailing list. Call all four branches if you want! This means you’ll get a phone call or an email notification as soon as a new property comes on the market so you won’t miss out.

We’d also recommend following us on our social media as we regularly put ‘sneak peeks’ on here of properties due to come to the market shortly. You can get in there first and register your interest with the relevant office. When the property market is as competitive as it is, this could be the difference between getting your dream home or not.

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