Adding autumnal touches to your home

Posted on 15th October 2018

Adding autumnal touches to your home

As the days get shorter, your home has the potential to become even more beautiful. So, if you want to make your house stand out from the crowd, look no further. 

Go back in time

Giving your home a more retro look can really give it that autumnal vibe. This doesn’t mean putting an Elvis Presley statue in the corner of every room, instead just vary some different shades of wood for instance and combine that with ‘old-school’ colours such as baby pink and ruby red.

Flowers are forever (well, for Autumn)

Autumn-time is generally much darker, so if you want to ensure your home looks the best it possibly can, brightening it up a little will help. What better way to brighten up the room than a vase of flowers? Having them on displaying in a few areas of each room can make a world of difference. 

A touch of soft

With winter fast approaching, you’ll be wanting to wrap up warm. If it’s not quite that cold yet (or even if it is), then artfully throwing blankets over your furniture can really give your home a cosy feel.


Smells like Autumn

You know how inanimate objects have their own smells…for instance when something smells like Christmas? Well the same applies for Autumn! Your idea of an Autumn smell may completely differ from the next person, but there are many ways in which you can replicate that essence in your own home. 

There are candles and sprays that can be purchased in different scents either online or in stores that can make you feel as though you’re outside on a beautiful Autumn day, when in actual fact you’re as snug as a pug in a blanket on your sofa at home.


Curtain call

As the temperature gets cooler, the curtains could do with hanging lower. It could be a good idea to ditch the lighter fabrics and instead opt for heavier ones which will feel warmer in the room, keeping cold air out more effectively.


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