Be the hostess with the mostess with our ultimate Summer BBQ guide

Posted on 9th August 2017

Nothing quite screams Summer like a BBQ.

We can’t think of anything that beats over-indulging on cheeseburgers in your back garden, surrounded by friends and family, with the smell of sausages sizzling away.

That’s the dream, anyway. In reality, the British BBQ doesn’t always turn out how we planned. If it’s not the unpredictable British weather or undercooked food, it’s the swarming midges or too many guests turning up.

That’s why we’ve come up with some handy tips to prevent those pesky BBQ mishaps, so your outdoor cookout sizzles on smoothly.


The ‘British Summer’

We all know that in the UK it can be blue skies and 25c one minute, then torrential downpour the next. It’s unpredictable, so it pays to be prepared. Consider setting up your BBQ in a sheltered area, or have a gazebo at hand for when those dark clouds start looming. Also, have an indoor eating space at the ready so your party guests can stay dry, but still enjoy their food should the heavens open. We can’t let rain spoil the fun!


Undercooked food

It’s probably fair to say the number one fear in the host’s mind at a BBQ is giving the guests food poisoning. A simple solution is to purchase a digital food thermometer. It will put your mind at ease knowing food is cooked before dishing it up to guests, and you’ll impress the party by how seriously you take your outdoor cooking. Better to be safe than sorry!



When we do finally get some sunshine in the UK, it normally comes hand-in-hand with the cast of Bugs Life. Wherever there’s food, you can be sure there’ll be some midges just waiting to land in your tomato ketchup. To keep the critters away, burn a citronella candle and spray peppermint oil around the area. It won’t affect your gathering and will be worth it to eat your food undisturbed.


Too many guests

There always seems to be more people turn up to a BBQ than intended. Your friend decides they’re bringing their partner, children decide they want to invite all of their school friends, after all, no one can resist the thought of an outdoor feast. We recommend you buy fresh (not frozen) meat and buy more than you think you’ll be needing. That way, if more people turn up you have meat ready to be cooked, and if they don’t, it can be frozen and eaten another time.

We hope our handy BBQ tips have inspired you to get out the cooking tongs and pull on that apron, weather permitting of course!

If you find them useful or have any others to share with us, tweet us at @ventureprop.