Cockerton Village office now open

Posted on 12th February 2014

We're delighted to announce the recent opening of the fourth office within the Company. The newest office is in Cockerton village in Darlington. This means we are now the only agent in Darlington with two offices servicing the town.

Both offices will work in tandem with each other so effectively properties will be marketed from both, giving our clients double the exposure to potential buyers and tenants within the town

Cockerton is an extremely busy place with a lot of footfall and we intend tapping into that and indeed already have. That side of town has already experienced development on a large scale which is continuing and of course includes the areas of Westpark and High Grange. The new office will make it easier for us reach people in this busy part of Darlington.

*We're offering a 10% discount on fees as anintroductory offer* subject to Terms and Conditions*