Festival Camping - Cool ideas to make it better!

Posted on 18th June 2017

Festival camping 

Festival season is just around the corner and many of us will be preparing our tents, campers and caravans for a few days sticking in the mud.

The good news is, this doesn’t have to mean a weekend of soggy clothes and no sleep.

We’ve compiled a list of camping tips to make sure your festival campout goes as smooth as possible and your tent feels like home from home!

Bring earplugs

This may seem like a trivial tip, you’re going to have a weekend of parties, why would you need earplugs? Take it from us, when you finally feel like you’re ready to call it a night, the last thing you want to hear is the tent three doors down playing loud music around the campfire. You’ll thank us when you’ve had an undisturbed night sleep and you’re fresh to enjoy the rest of the festival.


Make your sleep space cosy

Who says a sleeping bag must be uncomfortable? Home comforts, such as a pillow or fleece throw from your bed can make all the difference when sleeping in a tent. A thick throw can work as a mattress under your sleeping bag to avoid the cold floor, or if the night gets a bit chilly it can work as a second layer to keep you warm.

Don’t have space to bring a pillow with you? Bring a pillowcase and fill it with a jumper for a makeshift cushion, both space saving and comfortable.

Buy a solar charger

We know how important those selfies are for keeping memories of your festival experience, so it can be a major inconvenience when there’s nowhere to charge your electronic devices. Solar chargers can be found for reasonable rates online, so your mobile can be charging away in the daylight while you enjoy lunch around the campfire. Besides selfies, your mobile can also be vital if you get separated from your group, so it’s always handy to have a bit of charge.


Bin bags are your best friend

Another simple yet useful tip for a festival. If you’re camping out in the UK, no matter the time of year, you’re probably looking at the likelihood of torrential downpour. Wet clothes on a camping trip are no fun, they will make you uncomfortable, make your sleeping space wet, and could make the rest of your belongings wet.

Bin bags are perfect for separating your wet clothes from everything else, so your planned outfits for the rest of the weekend don’t have to be ruined. They also act as handy chair covers if your chair was out in the rain all night. Or, if you didn’t bring a chair, a good old black bag on the grass could do the trick and keep you dry while you sit. Forgot to bring a poncho? Hey presto, you have a make-shift one. The festival possibilities for black bags are endless. 


Invest in some battery powered fairy lights

Although a head torch will do the job of lighting up your tent, it will only illuminate in front of you and everyone in the tent will probably have to wear one. This is where battery powered fairy lights can come in useful. They could hang from the inside peak of your tent and light up the whole space without anyone having to wear anything on their heads. It makes finding things so much easier and you will be able to see each other’s faces without recreating a police interrogation with your spotlights.

We hope our festival camping tips will come in handy! If you find them useful or have any others to share with us, tweet us at @ventureprop.