Five ways to help you sell your home  

Posted on 20th February 2017

Let’s be honest, selling your home isn’t the easiest undertaking, starting with finding the right estate agent. You know of course the best thing to do is come straight to us, but the uninitiated could stumble round for ages before finding our superstar services!

If you’re still dreading the process however, let us help you with these five trusty tips to help you sell your home.


While it might seem commonplace, presentation is crucial when making introductions. You would always shine your shoes before a job interview, so why wouldn’t you spruce up your home for a potential buyer?

When you’re ready to put your home on the market, make sure you have a proper Spring clean and clear out before you have any photographs done. Dust, hoover, polish and shine, and make a daily or weekly plan to help you keep on top of the mess to keep your home spick and span, ready for those short notice viewings.

Wear, tear and TLC

We all have little jobs around the house we like to ignore – patchy paint here, a loose skirting board there – but much along the same vein, you don’t want potential buyers to visit your home and just see a whole host of problems they’ll have to fix when they move in.

Have yourself a DIY weekend. Change that lightbulb. Varnish the door. Buyers don’t want to see a home in disrepair; they want the full package, as though it’s ready for them to step into and make their own. If you can make your home into this perfect package, you’re halfway there.


Of course, home shouldn’t just look like home – it should feel like home. While every person will decorate their home in a different way, it’s important for your home to feel comfortable and lived-in when buyers come for a viewing. So when you’re decluttering, try not to strip the rooms of your family’s unique personality – doing so will take away the property’s character, and make it more of a blank canvas than a family home.

Think about your environment too. Are certain rooms too dark, or cold, or stuffy? Use your common sense. If it’s a warm day, pull back the curtains, open the windows and plan your lighting if you have a viewing late in the afternoon. Overhead ceiling lights can be harsh and cast unflattering shadows, so experiment with table lamps and candles for the right feel.

Quality images


Never underestimate the power of quality photographs when it comes to selling your home. This will be the first glimpse a buyer gets of your property, and is your best chance to hook potential buyers.

See the difference between the images below;

Everything discussed so far, you can see in action right here. The lighting has been set to really bring out the warmth of the room, and rearranging the furniture brings out the best of the space; see how the rug and the coffee table change the dynamic of the living space?

Also, a professional photographer can provide a high quality camera and find the best angles to show off your rooms at their best.

Choose Venture!


No, we’re not being cheeky – anyone will tell you the best way to sell your home is to find a really good estate agent to manage the process.

Our enhanced marketing packages include an energy performance certificate, a 3d floor plan, virtual property tours, free newspaper advertising and a premier listing on Rightmove – pick and choose from any of our tools, or go the whole hog and have them all!

We manage the entire process from initial valuation right through to sale, and our partner Edge Property Staging can help you present your home – lighting, ambience and all – for ultimate saleability.

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