Get the price right from the start

Posted on 30th July 2012

The way the sales market is at the moment, pricing your property right from the outset is really important. Rightmove statistics show that double the amount of people view your property in weeks 1 and 2 as do in weeks 3 and 4 which backs up the fact that pricing right from the offset is so important to utilise the extra interest. Get your price and presentation right from the start to generate interest and crucial viewings.

Other issues that need to be considered when setting your price:

Potential buyers often research the market and will know if your property is over priced

Competitively priced properties generate more interest on websites such as our own or Rightmove

Serious buyers apply maximum price filters on their web searches, price too high and they won't see your property

Don't leave the sale of your property to chance.  Focus on :

Price    Presentation    Promotion