How to choose your agent

Posted on 19th October 2015

When selling your biggest asset, it's important that you do your homework and prepare. Here are some tips and questions for you to consider..

Speak to family and friends to get a good recommendation. Good agents will be happy to supply you with names of people that would be happy to provide you with a good testimonial.

Stick with a local agent, they know the area, they can be on hand to meet potential buyers and most importantly they will know what your property is likely to achieve from local knowledge of their area and past experiences. Property prices fluctuate, even from town to town.

Ask lots of questions. A good agent will be able to answer them all. Where will the property be advertised? What portals do you use? Are there additional costs for newspaper advertising? Will I get regular feedback? What would you do if my property wasn't selling?Have they sold any similar properties in your area? What price did it get? Ask if your agent has industry qualifications.

Mystery shop your agent before you decide. Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer, how long does it take them to answer the phone? Are they professional? Do they seem competent? Look at their websites and property details and check out the quality of their photographs? What camera do they use? Are the details clear and concise?

Never opt for the agent with the lowest fee. The lowest fee is the lowest for a reason. Instead consider what services an agent can offer you for their commission. Similarly don't necessarily opt for the agent who puts the highest price on your property.  Ask them to back it up with comparable properties that have sold in your area. Pricing a property too high will only cause problems later on down the line.