How to sell your garden

Posted on 15th May 2018

Are you getting ready to sell your house? While you may have thought about staging your home for sale, decluttering your rooms and maximising the space, have you considered preparing your garden? First impressions are key, so the kerb appeal of your home can be just as important as what’s inside your four walls for getting the right response from a potential buyer.

As well as attracting interest, a well-maintained garden can play a role in the perceived value of a property, adding as much as 20 per cent to a home’s value, according to County Homesearch.

We’ve pulled together some tips to help you spruce up your outside space this Summer, so you can grab a viewer’s attention before they even step through the door!

Tame the chaos

Have your flower beds gotten the better of you over the years? It’s time to pop on your gardening gloves and tackle the overgrown greenery. Now, this doesn’t mean you need to clear the space, but it’s surprising how much de-weeding and pruning can do for a flower bed.

If you feel like your borders are starting to look more like visual noise, with too many different colours and not much organisation, you could consider taking some of the plants with you when you move as a win-win solution. Simply pop them in a trough or storage container with soil until you move.

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Reduce clutter

Gardens can be where you spend quite a lot of time in the Summer months, so it’s easy for the space to start looking cluttered. If you have children, there’s more than likely a few toys hiding in the shrubbery, or a paddling pool on the grass. Before a viewing make sure that all visible clutter is tidied away in a shed or garage.

We would also recommend tidying away any broken/tired-looking garden furniture, and if you’re a fiend for a garden ornament (gnomes, animals etc.) it might be best to keep these to a minimum, making the space look like new.

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Kerb appeal

You could spend hundreds of pounds on a new kitchen or fresh new carpets, but if the front of your house isn’t presentable, you might not even get a viewer up to your door. If you have a front lawn, make sure it’s kept well-trimmed. A colourful bed of flowers can do wonders for brightening up your front space, and any flower beds should be maintained and weeded.

Want to add that extra finishing touch? Pop a plant pot with a small tree, shrub or flower arrangement at either side of your front door to really welcome people in.

photo 3

Keep it clean

Has your garden furniture been out all winter? It might be time to give it a good clean. We’d recommend giving any garden ornaments a scrub, eliminating any moss or dirt that’s accumulated over the colder months. This also applies for any moss or weeds that have grown up through paving or decking. Clearing these away will give the impression that the garden is well maintained, and in turn, easily maintained.

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Create space for entertaining

Just as you stage the inside of your home to help visitors envision their lives there, you should also consider staging your garden. This doesn’t require expensive outdoor furniture or brand-new decking, just a simple table and chairs set up in a practical part of your garden. If you don’t already own any garden furniture, our tip is to borrow some from a neighbour or friend when you have viewings, to avoid extra costs.

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration to spruce up your garden for your sale this Summer!

If you would like professional help and guidance from Venture Properties, we can manage the entire process for you, from initial valuation right through to sale, and our partner Edge Property Staging can help you present your home and offer advice for your outdoor spaces. Get in touch with one of our six branches to find out more.

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