Joe takes up new Valuer role at Darlington

Posted on 29th October 2015

Joe Wynne, one of the Sales Consultants in our Darlington branch, has recently taken up a new role as one of our branch valuers. Below, he answers some of our questions:

How long have you worked at Venture Properties

I've worked at Venture for just over two years.

You have recently started valuing properties for sale. How are you finding this?

I’ve enjoyed being able to list new properties for sale, create fantastic details and showcase properties at their best. I love the feeling you get when we achieve a sale.

What do you think are the good traits a Valuer should have?

Everybody’s situation is different and we offer so many different options and features for people,  it’s about tailoring a package to suit individual needs.  I believe that Venture genuinely offer the best sales service in the town and it’s my job to let vendors know.

What part of the job do you find most interesting?

I have a keen interest in properties and enjoy discovering what the area has to offer, period features and impressive views are a favourite. Every property has a unique selling point and I like finding them.

What part of the job do you find most challenging?

Valuing unusual properties is always challenging. Also since the 2008 credit crunch unfortunately some people’s homes have gone down in value although we are seeing this improve all the time.

What are your plans for the future?

To live a long, healthy, successful life and hopefully be a big part of Venture's future success.