Let there be light!

Posted on 5th June 2017

Let there be light!

Basking in the sun is a great feeling.

But did you know letting natural daylight into your home also has a tremendous effect on the mental and physical conditions of our body and mind?

At Ventures Properties, we take both our health and yours seriously, so we’ve put our heads together and come up with a few simple ways you can lighten up your homes.  

Let the natural light in

Before we take a closer look at the ways you can get maximum light in your house, you need to make sure the light can actually make its way in. You might not think it, but the trees in your garden which are great for providing you with privacy you sometimes require from those nosey neighbours, may also be blocking the sun from entering rooms.

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It’s all white!

It can be easy to forget about white as being a colour in itself. The truth is, white plays quite an important role in lightening our homes. Interior designers often use the colour white as a way of making a room feel larger and to add crisp freshness. Remember white is the new black!

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Be playful with glass

When your goal is to bring in daylight, or at least create the feeling of natural light in your room, never underestimate the power of glass.  In addition to letting the sunshine burst through glass windows or doors, mirrors are a great way of reflecting and sprinkling daylight all over the room. Not to mention giving you the opportunity to check how you’re looking!

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Make sure to shine

It’s not just mirrors which create light-reflecting effects. By adding shiny objects to a room, it will naturally appear lighter. Moreover, it will give your home a glimpse of glamour. Consider using materials such as acrylic, bronze, metal and even clear for furniture, from photo frames to see-through chairs.

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Choose light accessories

Make sure you remove any accessories which absorb light, such as dark curtains or dark furniture, and replace them with light or neutral coloured cushions, bed linens or rugs. To compliment the final look you’re going for, try adding some wall art in the form of a favourite poster perhaps, or why not let your inner artist free by painting your own work?

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As the summer days roll in, we hope you can make the most of the natural light they bring with them. If you have any more tips and tricks we’ve not mentioned, we’d love to hear from you so tweet us @ventureprop