Make your home awesome this Autumn

Posted on 7th October 2016

As the darker nights draw in and the last glimpses of summer disappear, Autumn can feel like everyone’s least favourite season.

Now let’s turn that doom and gloom upside down and look at the positives. Autumn is a season of change and an easy way to mix things up is to make changes to your home and its interiors.

So whether you’re planning a complete overhaul, or just want to make some subtle changes to reflect the changing mood, we’ve gathered together some great ideas to help you get started with revamping your home and getting it looking AWESOME for Autumn.

Autumn colours

The temperature outside is falling and the nature around us is changing, so why not incorporate classical autumnal colours into your home and embrace the season? From oranges to rusty reds, golden yellows and browns, these colours create a calm and warm feel, making the room perfect for cosying up in front of the tele on a dark evening.

If you don’t want the big task of re-painting or buying new furniture, why not add a great piece of Autumn artwork to your wall or introduce these colours in through soft furnishings? Both are simple and affordable options that can easily be changed back.

Autumn patterns

The seasonal change of Autumn presents a range of distinctive patterns, all of which can be incorporated in to your interior to create a classic look.

Fallen leaves, bare branches and tartan, to name a few, look great on wallpaper, furniture covers and rugs. However, if you don’t want to invest heavily in your autumn decorating, these patterns also look great on curtains, cushions and throws, which can all be easily put away when the summer months return.

Autumnal features

Probably the biggest and most authentic Autumn themed feature you can have in your room is a fire. Whether it be an open fire or a gas/electric alternative, straight away you’ve set the scene for a relaxed and cosy evening. If you don’t have a fire in your home, no need to worry, the warm glow of a table top lamp or a string of fairy lights will do just the trick.

Even smaller Autumn influenced features can be made that are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face every time you see them. Woodland creatures such as stags and foxes are always appearing within interior design this time of year or if this isn’t your thing, a bowl of pine cones or Autumn fruits are the perfect added feature.

So as those colder nights draw in, let’s look forward to the excitement of Autumn, knowing that your cosy warm home will be welcoming you with open arms.

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