Our partnership with the Westpark Cafe

Posted on 9th July 2012

About 5 years ago the Westpark Cafe opened it's doors serving excellent food within the Westpark area of Darlington. We dramatically expanded our Company at around the same time taking on sales and moving in to much bigger offices. Since then our two Companies have grown through a particularly difficult economic climate and over the years, wherever possible, we have tried to promote ourselves together in order to help each other out.

We have continued this trend and are now proud to say that some of our properties for sale or to let in the locality are being displayed within an area of the cafe for the cafe's clientelle to peruse at their convenience.

We have also arranged for buyers of any our properties to receive a little treat from the cafe at our expense on completion of their sale.

Two small local businesses helping each out. Isn't that what business is about?