Out with the old (puddings), in with the new

Posted on 20th December 2021

We’re dreaming of a white caramel Christmas!

While we all look forward to the delicious main course with all the trimmings, dessert is a firm favourite for many and a chance to round off a great meal.

From chocolate yule logs, and trifles, to cheesecakes and Christmas puddings, there is plenty to choose from.

However, in recent years, sales of the traditional Christmas pudding have declined, with only 28% of those questioned in Tesco’s latest Christmas report saying it was their favourite dessert. So, what is the new festive frontrunner?

Drum roll please…


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The sweet sauce is predicted to be this year’s pudding choice, with more modern desserts such as chocolate cake and ice cream moving onto the Christmas table.

There are endless options for this sweet, but rather than buying these delicious treats, have you thought of making your own? It may take a little bit more time, but you can make your desserts exactly how you like them and take all the praise from your party or dinner guests.

We’ve put together a very simple caramel sauce recipe, which can be used in your choice of Christmas pudding.

You will need:

  • 250 grams of caster sugar
  • 142 milliliters of double cream
  • 50 grams of butter

After gathering your ingredients, it’s time to start.

First, tip the sugar into a frying pan and stir in four tablespoons of water. Place over a medium heat until the sugar has completely dissolved.

Next, turn up the heat and allow the mixture to bubble for four to five minutes until you have a thick brown sauce.

After taking the sauce off the heat, carefully stir in the cream and butter, until the butter has melted and the cream has disappeared into the caramel sauce.

Then leave it to cool, before storing in a squeezy bottle for easy use when you need it.

And that’s it! We told you it was simple.

Once made, you can add your delicious caramel sauce to any desserts you make, such as brownies, cheesecakes, cookies, apple pie, shortbreads, chocolate trifle and many more. You could even drip the sauce over ice cream.

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We’ve shared our simple caramel recipe and Christmas dessert options, now it’s over to you. Share a picture of your lovely puddings with us on Twitter, @ventureprop.