Preparing your garden for Spring

Posted on 25th March 2021

Spring is the busiest season of the year for gardeners, and it’s finally here! No matter how big your garden is, there’s always room to grow some crops and flowers, so now is the perfect time to reorganise.

Here are our top tips for getting ahead of the game this Springtime…

Tidy up flowerbeds and borders

Over the Winter, your garden may have become overgrown and need a tidy-up. Grab your trusty gardening gloves and start removing fallen leaves and other debris. By clearing your borders and flowerbeds back to bare soil, you’ll be ready to plant your fresh crops. Any natural debris collected can go into your compost pile, can be safely burnt away or placed into your garden waste.


Cut back dead plants

Grab your loppers or secateurs to cut away dead wood and grasses. By thinning any dense bushes and shrubs, they will be ready to start growing again and it allows you more space to plant new flowers.


Dust off the lawnmower

If the turf is dry, give it a once-over with your lawnmower to cut away the dead grass and neaten it up ready for Summer. If your lawn is patchy, sow some grass seeds to fill any gaps to create a fresh green space.


Gutting the greenhouse

Now is the ideal time to give your greenhouse a tidy. Wash the outside with a hose and remove any algae, moss and grime. This will allow more light in the Summer and remove any potential homes for pests and disease. You can also disinfect the glass to rid the space of creepy-crawlies that survive in small spaces.

Once clean, inspect the conservatory’s structure for any damage to the glass and vents. If you have a small, plastic-covered greenhouse, check for any rips, leaks and other problems.


Freshen up the fences

Give your fences, walls and gates some TLC by checking panels for signs of weather damage or decay. Clean your fencing with a power washer to remove dirt, moss and mildew. You can also use a hard brush to remove grime and bugs.

If needed, apply a couple of coats of stain, paint or wood preservative to give it that fresh look.


Pressure wash your pavement

If your space is looking a little untidy, buy or borrow a jet wash to spray down your paths and pavement. You’ll be surprised by the results, which can leave your garden looking like a whole new place!


Purchase new plant pots

Make use of whatever space you have with some pretty and creative plant pots. Get imaginative and design your own patterns and colour schemes – a great activity to do with the family this Easter half term!


What’s your favourite Springtime gardening task? Let us know on Twitter, @ventureprop.