Preparing your garden for Summer

Posted on 28th July 2021

With the hot Summer days finally upon us, it’s going to be one to remember! From BBQs to parties and alfresco dining, we’ve put together some top tips to make your garden the ultimate party location.

Take care of the greenery

Giving the lawn a quick trim will make all the difference when sprucing up your garden. Ensure all bushes and edges are kept tidy too and remove any dead plants or flowers, or, if they need freshening up, spray them down and add plant feed to give your garden a new lease of life.


Make it shine

We all forget to wash off children’s handprints and pet paw marks from doors and windows. Wipe down any surfaces to ensure they are gleaming ready for your guests. You could even pressure wash your pathways to add extra effect.


Clean up the BBQ

It’s been a while since we’ve had nice enough weather to enjoy a BBQ, so your grill may need a scrub down. Make sure all gas bottles are full, grills are clean and utensils are sanitised ready for the chef.


Prepare for the British weather

The British weather isn’t always predictable and although the apps may say the sun will be shining all day, it’s best to prepare for the worst. Consider buying or hiring a gazebo and patio heater, or have table covers on hand in case the skies open. People may forget a jacket so ask them to bring one just in case – better safe than sorry!


Freshen up the furniture

Make sure you have enough seating for everyone or at least blankets for them to rest on. Hunt down all the spare furniture from chairs and tables to plates and glasses to make sure everyone has everything they need.


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