Preparing your house for winter

Posted on 12th November 2018

Preparing your house for Winter

The chilly weather is closing in and it isn’t just important to keep yourself wrapped up, your house needs to be kept warm too! Just like us, houses can become damaged when the temperature drops below zero; here are some tips on how to be prepared for whatever Winter brings.

Pipe protection

If the water inside a pipe freezes it will expand and the pipe may crack and burst. To be prepared, drain water from outside faucets and sprinklers, disconnect hoses and protect any water pipes that run through unheated areas of your home (such as a garage) with insulation.  In Winter, your condensate boiler pipe may freeze and become blocked. Part of this pipe runs on the outside of the house and if it hasn't been insulated, it can freeze causing the boiler to stop working. This can easily be fixed by using a hot water bottle, or pouring warm water over the pipe itself. ... Usually, a gurgling noise can be heard from the boiler during attempted ignition when the condensate is blocked. Once thawed you can reset the boiler. 

Pipe ice

Improve energy efficiency 

Winter can be an expensive month, especially if it’s colder than three (or four) jumpers can fix. Keeping heat inside the home is important and it can be simple; blocking draughts and drawing curtains when the temperature drops on an evening are the simplest and most cost-effective. If you want to be more thorough, make sure your loft insulation is up to scratch – did you know, a quarter of your household heat can be lost through the roof? 


Stock up on the essentials

The British weather can be unpredictable – fact. When storms hit, they often come with power cuts so, make sure you’re prepared for anything Winter brings. This could be anything from an alternative heat source like wood for a fire, candles and torches, and a shovel if your local area is prone to heavy snow. 

cold man

Have you got any other tips you think would be useful for protecting homes from the Winter weather? Let us know at @ventureprop; we’d love to hear from you!