Spring cleaning hacks to transform your home

Posted on 12th April 2018

Although the British weather doesn’t seem to have received the memo, it is in fact Spring time! That means it’s the time when most of us start thinking about giving our home a good clear-out, so it’s all fresh and ready for the warmer months.

Here at Venture, we’re all about breathing new life into a property, so we’ve searched the internet far and wide, and pulled together our favourite Springcleaning hacks to help you transform your space!


Cinnamon on the rug

Do you have a rug that sits pride of place in the living room, that could do with some TLC? There’s no need to splash out on expensive carpet cleaner. Simply sprinkle two to three tablespoons of cinnamon powder over the surface, leave for a little while, then vacuum away. This will leave it smellingsweet and make the room feel fresh!

Shaving foam for mirrors

Ever bought an expensive glass/mirror cleaner, then been disappointed by its inability to rid your mirrors of smears? Next time, why not try shaving foam as a cleaning agent? Shaving foam will clean a mirror without leaving smears and will also prevent steaming-up after a shower if your mirror is in the bathroom.

Car wax on a stove

Although this sounds like a crazy suggestion, car wax is a great way to keep your stove looking shiny! Rub across your stove for a clean sheen. It will also make wiping up spills a whole lot easier.

Lemon for clean stainless steel

There’s no need to splash out on expensive cleaning sprays when you have a lemon in the house. Simply rub halfa lemon on stainless steeland then buff with a soft cloth, to banish germs and keep it shining. There’s also the bonus of the citrus-fresh smell it leaves behind!

Blast water rings with a hairdryer

Has someone left a mug on the dining table without using a coaster? White water rings can be a pain on a wooden surface. Try blasting the offending spot on high heat with a hairdryer until it starts to disappear. Once it’s gone, rub a little bit of olive oil on the area to recondition the wood.Do ‘patch test’ this process on an inconspicuous area of your table first!

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration to make your Spring clean a little easier this year. Do you have any tips and tricks you wouldn’t mind sharing? Tweet us @ventureprop and let us know.

Happy Spring cleaning!