Taking the pressure away from being a landlord

Posted on 24th June 2021

Having a portfolio of properties in your name is a brilliant long-term investment but being a landlord can be time consuming, and sometimes confusing, as there’s a lot of paperwork and maintenance involved.

Sometimes you need an expert (or a team of them) to help take the pressure off and assist you through your exciting venture.

Our landlord

Over the last 10 years we have managed two high-end properties in Darlington for landlord David Dixon, who lives in Newark.

The properties

David needed a highly experienced team to oversee his detached family homes in the town. A keen understanding of the property market was important to David, and he was looking for a lettings team who were fully aware of a landlord’s needs.

He said: “We had a particularly bad experience with our previous management company and when we were recommended Venture by our accountant and insurance broker, we trusted their decision.”

The solution

Throughout the last 10 years the Venture lettings team have managed the properties and tenants from collecting and chasing monthly rental payments to ensuring all expenses are submitted to the landlord, as well as dealing with any maintenance issues, receiving quotes and making sure the homes comply with all legislation.

We’ve successfully kept the time the properties are empty down to a minimum, which is key when managing homes.

The outcomes

With our help, David’s houses have been home to five tenants over the last decade and we have developed an excellent working relationship with him throughout the years.

He said: “Over the 10 years of working with Venture, I’ve had an entirely positive experience based on trust and professionalism throughout the spectrum of services necessary to provide modern property management.”


“The landlord-tenant relationship can be fraught and difficult and it’s essential that your agent is fully capable of making the best of things at all times - Venture achieves this. They’re well trained, have a keen understanding of the market they are operating in and are consistently courteous and friendly. I have 100 per cent trust in the full team.”