Ten tips on selling your property

Posted on 31st August 2012

1.Choose an agent that has a strong presence within your community. This can be found through the use of boards, advertisements - and do not underestimate the power of word of mouth.

2. Now we are in the digital age, make sure you research online and social networks such as Twitter to ensure you are exposed to uncensored opinions and personal experiences about estate agents.

3. Ensure you instruct an agent that you have a good relationship with; agents should become part of your property family whilst your house is on the market. Achieving a realistic asking price

4.  Don’t be swayed by choosing the agent who values your property at the highest asking price - overpricing your property can put buyers off. It will also mean it standing on the market.

5.  Research and compare your property on a wide range of property portals. One trap some people fall into is comparing their property pricing to their next door neighbours. Instead, compare floor plans to ensure you achieve an informed understanding of your asking price.

6. Choose an agent that offers various options of how your property can be marketed. We mix traditional methods with forward thinking technology to give you the edge

7.  Be prepared:Instruct a solicitor in advance and organise all your paper work and finances well in advance in order to push the efficiency of your sale.

8.  Viewings - Avoid any unnecessary awkward moments by ensuring you vacate your property whilst your agent is carrying out a viewing.

9. If you own pets, ensure your property doesn’t smell like a dog kennel or cattery. Nothing puts off an applicant more than a “house odour”.

10. Ensure your agent is pro active and efficient at giving feed back after each viewing, this way any constructive criticism can be processed and changes can be made in advance of your next viewing. You should be constantly updated with how well your house is performing in comparison to other similar properties on the market. For further information, please visit www.venturepropertiesuk.com