The importance of cleaning out guttering

Posted on 10th October 2013

Now we are in Autumn and the leaves are about to fall, it’s important to make sure your roof is free of any debris and that your gutters and downspouts are clear. Though this may seem like a monotonous task, it’s an essential step to keeping your home damp and leak free. In addition to keeping your property damp and leak free, cleaning your gutters will decrease your chances of having an ice dam in the winter months.

Water cannot freely run down your storm drain if your gutter has been filled with leaves or twigs. This may cause a backup in the drain. In winter months the water will freeze and either pull the gutter off or can cause an ice dam that will leak into the walls. Backups often happen because of foreign objects, such as leaves, twigs and tennis balls, clogging your gutter. Sitting water will also penertrate through into the fabric of the property causing damp staining to the interior of the home.

If you're a landlord and would like us to arrange for your gutters to be cleaned on your rental property then please let us know. Simple maintenance such as this will prevent bigger problems later on down the line