The Perfect Stay at Home Valentine’s Day

Posted on 6th February 2018

As the nation prepares for the most romantic day of the year, most people are frantically searching for the perfect restaurant, outfit and gift.

With ever-increasing prices, more people are choosing celebrate Valentine’s in the place they feel most comfortable. They say that ‘home is where the heart is’ so where better to spend a special evening with the one you love?

We’ve prepared a fool-proof guide to the ultimate stay at home Valentine’s, which is sure to whisk your other half off their feet!

Stay-at-home picnic


Who says a meal at home is boring? Pop a cosy blanket on your living room floor, dim the lights, and enjoy a romantic picnic in the comfort of your own living room. There’ll be no wind to blow your paper plates away, no bugs to get in your food, and you can even light candles. Your better half will appreciate the effort, and you can buy all their favourite foods, at half the cost of a restaurant.

Photo 2

Living room cinema


Although it’s nice to go out to the cinema every now and again, it’s possible to create the same atmosphere at home for a fraction of the price. Have you been thinking about watching that film on Netflix for ages? Draw the curtains, turn off the lights, get some cinema themed snacks (popcorn, pick-a-mix, hotdogs) and watch it in your own make-shift cinema. Benefits include snuggling under your own blanket without being judged- and you won’t have to make a beeline for the back row to have a smooch.

Photo 4

Playing chef


You may not be a Michelin starred chef but nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a homecooked meal made from scratch. Even better, why not take the time to cook together? Enjoy planning the menu, shopping for the meal, and the relax with a bottle of your favourite tipple.

And if you’re a terrible cook – there’s always take-away (your partner doesn’t have to know!).


Home Spa


Have you been dreaming of a couple spa day, but the budget can’t stretch this month? Pick up some massage oils, grab some candles, dim the lights and give your partner the spa experience at home. You might not be the best masseuse, but it’s the thought that counts.


Are you having Valentines at home this year? Let us know your date ideas at @ventureprop!

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us here at Venture Properties.