Things to do before your viewing

Posted on 16th June 2014

First impressions are everything and it's said that a potential buyer viewing your property will make up their mind as to whether they like it within the first minute of walking in. That's why it's so important to get things right from the beginning. Buyers want to imagine themselves living in your house and you need to help them see that. Forget about 'leaving it to their imagination'  most people, although they hate to admit it, cannot see past what is in front of them, so getting things right from the start will help sell your property. The homes that are the best presented are always the first to sell.  These are some tips to assist you:

Flowers - Fresh flowers bring a room to life. Use them in vases in some of your rooms. They're a lovely focal point.

Kerb appeal - Make sure the grass is cut and the garden is tidy and put the wheelie bin out of the way (and never at the front of the house unless it's in a proper storage facility - it's one of the first things people notice)

Pets don't sell houses -We may be a nation of animal lovers but if you own a pet ensure there is no trace of it before any viewing.  That's no smells, no food bowls, no dog beds. Keep them out of sight in the boot of the car.

Paint the fence or the front door - An area often overlooked. Do this and then look again at your property.  It will make all the difference and will freshen things up and make the entrance clean and smart  (remember first impressions?)

Make sure all DIY jobs have been completed - Buyers like the comfort of buying a house they can move straight into, if you think you should replace or clean a carpet, then generally that means you do.

De-clutter - Buyers are looking to see how much space they'll have. Don't have stuff everywhere, let buyers see the space available in each room.

Make bedrooms, bedrooms -  If your bedroom is an office, turn it back into a bedroom. It may work for you but buyers will want to see it can accommodate a bed and drawers. If they can't it will leave a negative

question in their heads, "it was a lovely house but will we get a bed in that third room...?"

Gardens - If it's a decent day, set up a garden table and chairs for lunch or tea. Sell the idea of how nice that will look to someone else