Three things team Venture have been digging

Posted on 18th March 2021

The Venture team love to share the things which have inspired us and how we’ve been keeping busy during lockdown, from binge-watching Netflix and dusting off our beloved books to getting busy in the garden. In the sixth instalment of our feature, valuer Leanne Holt from our Crook office tells us what she’s been digging…

Living in the countryside

Having a three-year-old inquisitive daughter has proven a little difficult during lockdown, but we are extremely lucky to live in the Crook countryside. Flo (my daughter) and I have loved visiting the local ponies and horses on our daily walks and have discovered how many beautiful places we have right on our doorstep. It’s one of the many reasons why I love working and living here and helping other families find their forever homes in this peaceful area.

Horses 1

A clear view

Flo recently had an eye test and we discovered she needs to wear glasses. It’s been a new experience for both of us as I have never worn them, and she was fussy about wearing them. But by purchasing some special Rapunzel frames, Flo is now more than happy to show off her new specs that are fit for a princess.


A piece of cake

As the chilly weather continues to loom, we have spent many rainy days experimenting in the kitchen. I’ve enjoyed tapping into my inner Mary Berry, much to my colleague’s (and Flo’s) delight!


What have you been getting up to during lockdown? Let us know on Twitter, @ventureprop.