Tips for getting active over Summer

Posted on 15th July 2019

Tips for getting active over Summer

Summer is here, or at least it promises to be. If you’re looking to utilise the warm(ish) weather by getting active but aren’t sure where to start, let us lend a hand.

The advantages of an active lifestyle go beyond feeling great, the health benefits are well documented too. It can:

  • Combat physical illness and disease
  • Improve your mood
  • Boost energy

So, if you’re wondering how you can get yourself moving, here’s just a few ways you might not have considered:


If you want to spend time in your garden over the Summer, then it might as well look good. Spending an afternoon weeding and mowing the lawn could transform your green spaces into something that would make Alan Titchmarsh proud (and it comes with free fresh air). 


Spring cleaning

From polishing, to hoovering and sorting out those boxes in the attic you’ve been meaning to take a look at for years, having a good tidy up can work wonders for clearing the mind and getting your blood pumping. It’s also a great reason to put on your favourite music and enjoy a boogie. 


Trying something new

There are plenty of opportunities out there to get involved with something you’ve never tried before. Couch to 5K is really popular at the moment and there are free online exercise programmes which offer the opportunity to build your stamina without breaking the bank. 


There’s also the opportunity to get involved with this year’s Tour de Branch, get in touch if you’re ready to show us your ‘wheelie’ good cycling skills! 

If you’ve got any other tips of how to get active over Summer, tweet us at @ventureprop; we’d love to hear from you!