Tips for selling your home at Christmas

Posted on 27th November 2018

We’ve heard the rumours – Christmas is the worst time to sell your home. But new research has indicated that the festive season is quickly becoming one of the busiest periods for online viewings by UK home buyers.

Did you know, in previous years, there were 14 million online house views on Christmas Day? This was followed by a further 25 million on Boxing Day!

Whether people are looking to relocate urgently for work or just decided to have a browse after a few glasses of wine, the audience is there to appeal to. The only question now is, how can you maximise the chance of completing before the sound of Santa’s sleigh?


Price realistically

Especially over the festive period, over-ambitious pricing will put buyers off. If you price your property competitively, potential buyers will often compete anyway which often results in offers above the original asking price. Here at Venture, requesting a valuation is quick and easy- just fill in our online form.

All I want for Christmas is… minimal decorations

Christmas decorations are fantastic for spreading the festive spirit, but too many can take the attention away from the house itself. Try a classily decorated Christmas tree and a few small household decorations, just make sure you don’t turn your house into a Winter wonderland.


Be flexible

Due to the rumours, the housing market around Christmas can be a quieter one. If your agent is accommodating, you could offer viewings at irregular hours which could clinch a sale with a potential buyer who works during regular viewing hours.


Get creative

Our 3D Virtual Tour function, the latest in property marketing, is a great tool and gives potential buyers the opportunity to view a property as if they were there, but from the comfort of their sofa.

The ability to view a property anywhere, any time and in multiple formats, makes the viewing process as easy and interactive as ever. If you’d like to find more about our Virtual Tour function, ask in branch or contact us,

Have you got any other tips you think would be useful for selling a property at Christmas, or any experiences you’d like to share? Let us know at @ventureprop; we’d love to hear from you!