Tips for staging your house for a viewing

Posted on 23rd October 2018

Tips for staging your house for a viewing

Did you know, prospective buyers form an opinion on your house within the first seven to ten seconds of stepping through the front door? First impressions count, and this is where house staging comes in.

Staging a home refers the preparation and decoration of a house to make it appealing to potential buyers. This includes using artwork, lighting and possibly even greenery to dress the house for sale. 

To help, we’ve compiled a list of hints and tips to help you prepare your house for its ‘big moment’: 

Remove clutter

Whether you throw it away or store it out of sight, remove it. This is so important as you need to create a feeling of space. All floors and surfaces should be clutter-free. Putting children's toys out sight is a top tip.

Refresh your walls

Something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can work wonders for the appearance of a room. 


Furniture focus

Remove items of furniture that take up unnecessary amounts of space and pull large furniture slightly away from the walls to make sure everything marries up within the room.


Consider decorations

Tactical positioning of mirrors can make rooms appear bigger, especially if your room includes large furniture. Be sure to remove personal photos - it’s hard to imagine yourself living somewhere when you walk around and there are strangers in frames smiling at you.



Give a great first impression

They say people make their mind up very quickly as to whether they like what they see so don't overlook the garden, even in autumn and winter, keep it tidy and well maintained. Flowers or plants by the front door can also help significantly. Painting your front door can also create a great immediate first impression.


Maybe most importantly: make your house look lived in

It’s all well and good making your house look like a show home, but for buyers to see themselves in your home, it must look lived in. Common suggestions are a fruit bowl or a vase of fresh flowers.

Have you got any other tips you think would be useful for people wanting to sell their home? Let us know at @ventureprop; we’d love to hear from you!