Top mistakes vendors make when selling a home (and how to avoid them)

Posted on 25th April 2018

Selling a home can be a stressful and costly time, more so for those who fall victim to the common mistakes vendors make. Naturally, you want the best deal for your property, which could mean a quick sale or making a successful profit. However, in some cases houses can sit on the market for months, if not years, with little to no interest.

To ensure you get the best value from the sale of your house, it pays to get everything right. We’ve pulled together some of the most common mistakes vendors make and how you can avoid them to ensure a smoother sale.

Pricing too high

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Everyone likes to think their house is worth a lot, and it probably is, however, putting the wrong price tag on your property can have disastrousconsequences. An unrealistically high price can result in buyers coming back with ridiculously low counter offers, insulting you and in the long run, making you believe your house isn’t worth a lot. A high valuation can also discourage viewers and mean your home is on the market for longer.

Getting a valuation from a trusted estate agent is your best bet for putting a realistic price tag on your property. At Venture Properties, we offer free valuations, provided by our enthusiastic, highly motivated and professional team.

Homes aren’t prepared

One of the most common mistakes made (and one of the easiest to avoid) is that people don’t present their homes in the right way. Viewers that walk into your home and find it full of clutter could be put off instantly. They won’t be able to envision their life in the space if it’s messy and full of your family nick-nacks. If you need help decluttering your home, check out our tips and tricks blog post.

Homes are empty

From too much clutter, to the complete opposite- if your property is left empty, viewers will find it just as difficult to picture their family living in the space. It’s likely that you will have furniture in your property while it’s on the market, so it’s important that you ‘stage’ your home, arranging the furniture to maximise the space and show rooms at their very best.

Badly taken photographs

After the price, the second thing potential buyers will pay attention to is the photos of your property. It’s a common mistake to do a DIY job when it comes to photography, which could result in dark, grainy photos from the wrong angles, presenting your home in a terrible way. At Venture Properties we place a real emphasis on the presentation of your property which is why we have professional DSLR wide-angled lens cameras in each of our offices. These cameras enable us to show off each room to its fullest potential.

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Not hiring a professional

Some sellers not only take DIY photographs, but also try to sell their property alone. This can result in your home not being listed in the right places, it will likely miss a key audience, and in turn it will stay on the market for quite some time. If you want to gain interest for your property quickly and ensure that it sells for your desired price, it’s recommended to hire a professional estate agent. This will also prevent a lot of unnecessary stress and you’ll have the guidance and advice you need on the journey.

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Keeping these common mistakes in the back of your mind as a vendor will help you avoid them during the process!

If you would like professional help from Venture Properties, we can manage the entire process for you, from initial valuation right through to sale, and our partner Edge Property Staging can help you present your home – lighting, ambience and all – for ultimate saleability. Get in touch with one of our six branches to find out more.

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