Top tips for moving in with your partner

Posted on 15th February 2018

You’ve found ‘the one’, now it’s time to find ‘the property’.

It’s finally time - you and your significant other have decided to bite the bullet and move in together, and although you’re super excited, there are some kinks you may need to work out before you fully take the plunge.

Whether you’re buying your first property or simply planning to rent, living together brings all kinds of adjustments you’ll both need to make. To save the quarrels, we’ve listed our top tips to help you transition from lovebirds to house owners and make this the most memorable move of your life.

The place to hang your hat


You may know what you want in a property but is this the same as what your partner wants? You will need to consider location, size,amenities and price. This home needs to be suitable for both of your needs, so ensure you sit down and communicate exactly what it isyou wantbefore you search. This way, once the search starts, it should be easier to pinpoint a dream home you both love.

The big clear out

It’s vital to consider what you’rebringing to your new home before moving day, to minimise stress. This may involve compromise, so be prepared to give up a few items in a bid to meet in the middle with your partner. You might love the Spice Girls poster you’ve had on your wall since the 90s, but it may be time to let it go.

Get together and look at the items you have, take an inventory of your belongings and work out what is a necessity, what will fit in your new home and what you can afford to get rid of.

moving 1



Money can be a tricky issue when moving in together. If one of you is earning more than the other, you may need to consider splitting costs in a way that is fair to both of you, perhaps by paying a percentage of your wage rather than equally splitting.Joint bank accounts could also be an option to consider. Above all, open and honest communication is vital.

moving 2

Moving forward


Finally, when moving day comes, make sure you’re prepared. This will reduce stress for both of you and make the experience as happy as it should be. You will need to decide whether to hire movers or do a DIY job to save money, and having everything packed and ready for the day will ensure the first memories in your new home aren’t tarnished by unnecessary stress!

moving 3

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