Two questions to consider when selling or letting your property

Posted on 2nd May 2014

We understand that once you've decided to sell or rent your property, finding that buyer or tenant quickly and with the least amount of stress possible is something everyone wants to see.

During the last few weeks we've seen sales and lets secured very quickly for our clients in all of our branches.  Our Chester le Street office sold Falstone Drive within two days of it going to market in the middle of April and Netherton Close let in just one day on the 28th April.

This emphasises two vital questions

Choosing the right agent is vital - Do your homework. Who is selling properties in your area?  Ask your potential agent questions. Good agents like being asked questions.  How long are they open?  how would they sell your property? what do they do differently? why do they think that you should sell with them? will they stick a for sale board in the garden and hope for the best? (believe it or not some agents still do this!)

Test them. Call the agent and see how long it takes for them to answer the phone or reply to an email.

Get the price right from the start - Don't always go for the highest valuation, sometimes it's worth resisting that temptation. Ask the agent why they think your property is worth what they are saying. A good agent will be answer this question easily. Properties that are over valued are often overlooked by buyers. Buyers do their homework and they will know. Don't forget you need to hit the ground running when you go to market. A lot more people will look at your property within the first three weeks of it going to market than at any other time.

Get these two points right from the start and you could sell or rent your property quickly.