Venture into Winterproofing: 5 SOS tips to make your home ready for winter

Posted on 1st December 2016

Although we’re used to being a little bit cold, with being based in County Durham, we still need to make sure our homes are winter-ready over the next few months.

Luckily, there’s no need to get the winter blues (or blue toes!) over the holidays, as we’ve collected some of the best winter-warming advice to keep you cosy this Christmas.

By following our 5 SOS tips for making your home ready to beat the cold this Winter, you’re sure to not even notice the dreadful weather… at least whilst you’re at home!

Cut the costs of keeping cosy

Undoubtedly, your heating bills will rise over the winter months and the cost of keeping your home cosy with your current heating provider may shock you, especially if it’s your first winter in your new County Durham home.

Make sure your home heating is kept affordable by shopping around for a new quote and considering switching services. By taking a quick visit to you can easily compare the region’s best home heating prices, and the best news is, the money you save can be spent on Christmas presents.

Become a thermostat wizard

By making sure you change your thermostat regularly over the winter months, you can reduce the risks of heating problems developing, such as burst or cracked pipes, which often occur as a result of changing the temperature too quickly.

Simply set the thermostat lower for when you’re not going to be at home and turn it up for when you’re about to get in. You can even get an app which will switch it on when you’re on your return commute from work, meaning you can step into your perfectly heated home.

Prepare the property

This is the time of year to prepare your home for the following months by checking your gutters are leaf-free, the boiler is functioning to its best ability and your radiators are bled efficiently. We’d definitely recommend you spend the time to prepare your property now, to avoid getting caught out in the cold later on.

Master these home-heating hacks

While they may seem a little quirky, these tried and tested home-heating hacks are a great way to maximise warmth in your home, without spending all of your holiday savings!

Start by adding reflective foil behind your radiators on walls which are external on the other side, to ensure minimum heat loss. If you’re feeling creative, try sewing extra lining to your curtains – a festive pattern counts as a bonus Christmas decoration.

Don’t forget to protect outside too!

Finally, make sure you don’t forget about your garden or yard! Make sure your garden furniture has been stored away for Spring, check the plants are well cared for and make sure to safely cover any outside toys, such as trampolines.

We hope our 5 SOS tips help keep you warm this winter and if you have any other tricks and tips to share with us, tweet us @ventureprop.