Venture sponsor Hummersknott Active

Posted on 4th July 2014

Hummersnott Active is a scheme that runs in the community at Hummersnott School allowing children aged between 4 and 16 to attend and engage in playing and learning about new sports under the supervision of staff.

During term time the scheme operates on week nights but during the holidays it opens from 9.30 until 4pm each weekday. Some, but not all of the sports that take place include  football, netball, badminton, tennis, gymnastics and trampolining,

 We thought it would be a really good idea to sponsor this during the holidays and enable Hummersknott Active to bring in sports coaches to teach the children about their sports and assist them with their techniques. We also hope that in doing this kids won't be stay in front of tv's on video games all day. Parents who work will also have somewhere to take them where they will be supervised and where they can enjoy playing and learning sports.

     Hummersknott Active manager Stephen Cheeseman and  James Brannan our Lettings valuer