Venturing into the New Year – 5 home design hacks for a fresh start in 2017

Posted on 17th January 2017

As the saying goes, a new year means a new you and if one of your resolutions was to give your home that ‘brand new’ feeling, then our great tips, tricks and hacks are for you.

The Venture staff have put their heads together and come up with five ways to help you organise your home and create a completely refurbished feel, without any major alterations or even having to break the bank.


To start refreshing your home for 2017, a whole house clear-out will be necessary. But before you get carried away and start throwing everything out the window, including the kitchen sink, try upcycling!

The term ‘upcycling’, as you may have guessed, comes from recycling, but it’s so much more than just making sure your cans and plastics go in the right bin. With upcycling, you can recycle your old pieces of furniture and turn them into something brand new.

Explore the internet to see some of the amazing items you can create from old furniture for your home. For example, you could turn an old bedframe into a bench for the garden or an old cot into a desk for the children’s room.

So remember, before you get rid of it, check if it could serve another handy purpose around the home.

Refurbish the Garden

While it’s cold, wet and grey outside, it’s easy to forget about your garden, meaning over the Winter months it can turn into something jungle-like and frightening!

With Spring around the corner, it’s a great time to start tidying up and refurbishing your garden now.

Whether it’s adding your own vegetable patch, a great way to get your children involved, or creating a new decking area ready for your summer BBQs, make sure you’re prepared for when the weather picks up.

Rearrange the Furniture

Getting tired of the current layout of your home? Without having to buy anything new, you can make a room feel brand-new by simply rearranging the furniture!

Moving art, photos and accessories into different rooms gives your home a fresh and new feeling, so why not give it a go? Try swapping your photos of loved ones from your living room to your bedroom, or moving around the sofas in the living room for a fresh new look.

Change the colour scheme of a room

Another simple way to make a room feel brand-new again is to change the colour scheme to one of 2017’s beautiful colour trends!

Whether it’s simply a lick of paint in the living room or an on-trend jewel tone, buying a new patterned duvet cover and cushions for the bedroom or painting the woods in your kitchen a shade or two darker, you can easily start the year with a refurbishment and being on trend for 2017.


After re-arranging the furniture and changing the colour, the only thing left to do is accessories!

By adding the delicious scented candle you got from your secret Santa, the plant you got from your nan or the new photo frame of memories from 2016 from your other half, you can refresh your space, but still make you feel cosy, comfortable and at home.

We hope our tips help you start 2017 with an uncluttered and refreshed home and if you think we’ve missed any off, or have some of your own to share, let us know.

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