Wheelie bins and what to do with them..!

Posted on 30th August 2013

Wheelie bins. They don't look attractive, they can clutter up gardens, driveways and streets, they can smell and some councils insist on us having half a dozen to serve more purposes than I can think of at this precise time. But they're a necessary evil and they're here to stay. So here's a bit of advice as to what to do with them. It's especially relevant if you're selling your property, but even if you aren't it's worth taking into consideration.

Don't paint your house number on them. Buy some 'number stickers' they look so much neater and can be bought for pennies.

Think twice about 'decorating' them with covers or paints. Do you really want a large plastic rubbish bin to stand out any more than it already does?

Keep them in a designated place. And when we say a designated place, avoid leaving them near the front door or on  the front driveway or under the living room window. Having them on show especially before a potential buyer has even stepped over the threashold is massively off putting. They say people make up their minds about a property within 15 seconds of arriving and a wheelie bin next to the front door at a viewing isn't going to help with a positive feeling about any property.  Utilise outhouses, garages or purchase a 'hide screen' which looks neat and tidy and keeps the bin hidden and can be placed almost anywhere. Putting a screen in a quiet unused corner of a garden is a great way of keeping the bin out of view.

Leaving bins on driveways or near to front doors is one of those things that is a little detail that makes a big impact. So please remember that, especially when selling your house, and don't just move it for viewings. Remember buyers don't need an appointment to walk or drive past your property and most do this regularly. 

 Which looks better to you? No brainer isn't it?