Why property photography is so important

Posted on 14th August 2023

People look mainly at two things when looking at properties online – the price and the photos. Getting your property ready for photographs before marketing is imperative – we really can’t stress enough how important it is. Here’s a quick and handy guide for how to prepare your property before we visit.

The most common issue we encounter is clutter in properties, whether it's tea towels on oven doors and washing up liquid out in the kitchen, toothbrushes and shower gels out in the bathroom or kids’ toys piled high in living rooms. Remember, potential buyers only get one first impression. Put items in cupboards, the loft and the shed. You can even move things in your car for the time being. We really recommend going as minimalist as you can when it comes to photos. Not only does it look tidy but it will make rooms look more spacious.

Neutral colours
Believe it or not, a red carpet or a bright pink bedroom can actually put people off viewing a house. As a seller you might think any buyer could just change it if they don’t like it but in the long run investing in making your property’s decor neutral could make much more financial sense if it helps a quick sale to materialise. You can get great ideas from Pinterest and other lifestyle websites.

Lighting is key
Lighting makes good photography. That’s just a simple fact and any professional photographer will tell you the same. There’s nothing worse than having a fantastic room to photograph only to find none of the bulbs in the lamps work. For something relatively inexpensive, good lighting in every room can really make a difference and create a real homely feel to your property.

Gardens and outdoor spaces
Outdoor spaces are a massive selling point for properties, especially since Covid. Traditionally it was always kitchens and bathrooms that were the focal points for properties on the market but gardens are definitely up there now too. Prune hedges and trees, cut the grass and get rid of any old plant pots. If you can, set up garden furniture and help potential buyers create an image of them enjoying the outdoor space if they bought it. You’re selling them a vision here. A great tip to consider is painting your front door. It’s one of the first things people look at on a viewing. Removing cars from your driveway always helps too.

Video tours are now becoming increasingly popular and all of the above points are relevant to preparing your property for these too. In fact, it’s probably more important for video tours as these generally show more of your property than photographs do.

If you have any queries before we visit your property, please do not hesitate to get in touch