Wildlife to look out for in your garden this Winter

Posted on 24th November 2021

Brrrr, it’s getting cold outside.

While many of our usual garden creatures are hibernating or in search of warmer environments at this time of year, we are sure to spot other wildlife this Winter.

Even we can struggle with the sudden change in temperature when the weather takes a turn for the worse and it is no different for our feathered and furry friends. That’s why we’ve put together a helpful guide on the little things you can do this season to lend a helping hand to wildlife.

Feeding the birds

You may see more birds in your garden during the colder seasons as they search for some much-needed food and water.

The most iconic Winter bird to watch and listen for is of course the red chested robin. Other birds you may spot in your garden are blue tits and chaffinchs.

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Birds may have difficultly finding food in the Winter, especially if it snows. To help, you could leave bits of food in places they can see and reach, perhaps on your garden wall or shed roof.

But what can birds eat, we hear you ask?

Like us humans, birds love cooked pasta and rice, as well as cheese, oats, sunflower seeds, raisins and apples.

Stock the squirrel store

While we see squirrels all year round, in this cold season they can also struggle for food.

Squirrels store food when it’s in good supply to eat when it is scarce. If you are lucky enough to have visits from our bushy-tailed friends, help them on their way by offering nuts, particularly hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds.

They also love chopped apple, spinach and carrots, but remember to leave some carrots for Santa’s reindeers when they visit on December 24th.

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For those in hibernation

Our cute but prickly friends, hedgehogs, usually hibernate from November to March. But first they will need to build a nest to stay warm. Venture blog 3

They do this out of fallen leaves, grass and other garden debris, so if you have a hedgehog in your garden, be sure to help them this Winter by leaving a few fallen leaves on the ground or an area of your garden to overgrow which they can shelter in.

Other garden visitors in hibernation this season include frogs, toads and the dormouse.

Now it’s over to you to look out for the wildlife in your garden this Winter. Share pictures of any furry visitors with us on Twitter, @ventureprop.