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Posted on 5th September 2019

Work in progress

All good things must come to an end, and September marks the end of the Summer holidays and the start of a new school year.

To help your children do their best, it’s worth thinking about where they’re working at home – is it in a bedroom? At the kitchen table? Hunched over the bed? 

These are our top tips for creating the perfect homework space at home.

Location, location, location

This very much depends on the age of your kids. Younger children will need more help, so think about clearing a space at the kitchen table, so you’re on hand for queries while cooking dinner. Older children are more likely to crave their independence and will want to be left in peace in their own room – you may need to check they’re actually working though! 

Sit up straight

Curled up on a bed, hunched over a textbook is not conducive to learning (or neat work), so whatever room your child chooses to do their homework in, they should be seated at a desk or table. This will also help with keeping track of all the pieces of paper, pens and equipment that will be brought out, as well as ensuring bed is kept free for its intended purpose – sleep!

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Silence is golden

While a bit of company and background noise is great, too much distraction is bad news. So, say no to the TV and make sure there are no unruly siblings interrupting homework time. Some studies have shown that music – especially classical – can aid concentration, but this will depend on the individual child.

Keep it together

As any parent knows, at least 75 per cent of important information never makes it home, with letters languishing at the bottom of school bags until the end of term. Consider setting up an agreed spot for everything to be decanted into as soon as the children arrive at home – you could even give them their very own inbox to make them feel important.

With all these top tips in place, the only thing left is to encourage them – and provide snacks!

If you’ve got any tips you would like to share, let us know at @ventureprop; we’d love to hear from you!